About us

My Dental Co was born when Dr Doug Olson, and his wife Dawn, wanted to better fulfill their Dental Clinic mission statement, "Through excellence and Christ-like service, we improve the quality of life of our dental family." By creating a web-based program, they could extend their dental family to outside of Colorado Springs and provide an excellent pathway to improve overall health.

Time is something they value, just as you do. They found that by building a subscription service for their dental family, it eliminated one more thing you had to remember to do. With a family of 6 of their own, they know it is not easy to juggle all the important aspects of our lives. That's why an automatic service of quality toothbrushes, dropped at your doorstep, seemed like the perfect solution.

In order to make this program truly wonderful though, Christ-like service had to be a component. How wonderful is it to know that when you purchase a toothbrush, another one is donated to an individual who may be receiving the first and only toothbrush they will ever own? Subscribing to My Dental Co allows each of us to help play a small part in making a difference in a large world.

It is their hope that by subscribing to the My Dental Co program, you may find that it is a happy, healthy, responsible solution for your family's dental products.